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Clinical Trial
130 Interspinous Implantation for Degenerative Lumbar Spine: Clinical and Radiological Outcome at 3-yr Follow Up.
Yong Sik Bae, Yoon Ha, Poong Gee Ahn, Dong Yeup Lee, Seong Yi, Keung Nyun Kim, Do Heum Yoon
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):130-135.
Original Articles
111 Early Radiological Analysis of Cervical Arthroplasty with Bryan and Mobi-C Cervical Disc Prosthesis.
Ki Suk Choi, Il Tae Jang, Jae Hyeon Lim, Sang Won Lee, Hyang Kwon Park
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):111-115.
116 Comparative Study of Two-Level Hybrid Surgery (Cervical Artificial Disc with Cage) with Two-Level Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion for Multi-level Cervical Degenerative Disease.
Keun Lee, Sang Gu Lee, Chan Jong Yoo, Chan Woo Park, Woo Kyung Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):116-123.
124 Preliminary Radiological Outcomes of Cervical Arthroplasty with Bryan and Prestige LP Cervical Disc Prosthesis.
Hyun Min Oh, Hwa Seung Park, Dong Youl Rhee, Joon Suk Song, Weon Heo, Chang Joo Lee, Se Hyun Joung
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):124-129.
136 Follow-up Comparison Study of Single-level Posterior Dynamic Stabilization in Lumbar Degenerative Disease 'Interspinous U'vs. 'DIAM'.
Seong Min Yoon, Sang Gu Lee, Eun Young Kim, Woo Kyung Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):136-141.
142 A Comparison of Clinical and Radiological Outcome Between Two-Level Discectomy and One-Level Corpectomy for Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease.
Dong Hyun Lee, Dae Chul Cho, Joo Kyoung Sung
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):142-147.
148 Efficacy of Titanium Mesh Cage for Anterior Spinal Reconstruction after Thoracolumbar Corpectomy.
Jae Eun Choi, Jung Kil Lee, Sung Jun Moon, Soo Han Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):148-154.
155 A Study on Accuracy and Safety of Thoracic Pedicle Screw Fixation.
Min Seok Kim, Joo Kyoung Sung
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):155-160.
161 Surgical Treatment of Degenerative Lumbar Spine Disease in Geriatric Patients Over 70 Years Old: A Review of Two Decades.
Seung Bok Wee, Sung Sam Jung, Ki Seok Park, Sung Uk Kuh
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):161-166.
167 The Clinical Evaluation of Calcium Phosphate Cement Compared with Polymethylmethacrylate for Kyphoplasty.
In Hyun Baek, Yoon Ha, Poong Gee Ahn, Seong Yi, Hyun Cheol Shin, Do Heum Yoon, Keung Nyun Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):167-172.
173 The Effect of Early Percutaneous Vertebroplasty in Occult Osteoporotic Vertebral Fracture.
Jae Chang Song, Koang Hum Bak, Dong Charn Cho, Hyun Jong Hong, Jae Min Kim, Chung Hyun Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):173-177.
178 The Post-operative Outcomes of Spinal Epidural and Subdural Hematoma Patients Without Spinal Fracture.
Hee Jung Kim, Jin Kyu Park, Kyoung Suck Cho, Dong Kyu Jang, Do Sung Yoo, Phil Woo Huh, Dal Soo Kim, Chun Keun Park
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):178-183.
184 Pyogenic Spondyliodiscitis with Negative Culture Result: A Comparative Study of Clinical Course Versus Positive Culture Result.
Jung Hwan Lee, Geun Sung Song, Dong Wuk Son, Byung Kwan Choi
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):184-189.
190 Endoscope-Assisted Pedicle Screw Fixation using the Pedicle Guidance System.
Ji Woong Kwon, Tae Ahn Jahng, Chun Kee Chung, Hyun Jib Kim, Daniel H Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):190-195.
196 Technical Strategies and Surgical Results of C1 Lateral Mass-C2 Pedicular Screw Fixation in Atlantoaxial Disorders.
Hong June Choi, Keun Su Kim, Ki Seok Park, In Ho Han, Dong Kyu Chin, Byoung Ho Jin, Yong Eun Cho
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):196-202.
203 Clinical Results of Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion with Prefilled Cage in Patient with Traumatic Cervical Injury.
Jae Joon Lim, Hoon Kim, Sung Won Kang, Se Hyuk Kim, Ki Hong Cho, Sang Hyun Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):203-206.
Case Reports
207 Dysphagia Caused by Anterior Cervical Osteophytes: Different Surgical Outcomes in Three Cases.
Eun Kyung Park, Suk Hyung Kang, Seung Chul Rhim, Sung Woo Roh, Sang Ryong Jeon
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):207-210.
211 Rapid Recurrence of Spinal Idiopathic Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis: A Case Report.
Hong June Choi, Do Heum Yoon, Dong Yeop Lee, Poong Gee Ahn, Moon Sool Yang, Seong Yi, Yoon Ha, Keung Nyun Kim, Se Hoon Kim, Dong Ah Shin
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):211-214.
215 A Lumbar Disc Herniation Misdiagnosed as A Neurofibromatosis Type I: A Case Report.
Chang Hyun Oh, Hyeong Chun Park, Chong Oon Park, Seung Hwan Yoon
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):215-218.
219 Intramedullary Epidermoid Cyst in Thoracolumbar Junctiont: A Case Report.
Jun Ho Lee, Jun Jae Shin, Yong Soon Hwang, Tae Hong Kim, Hyung Shik Shin, Sang Keun Park
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):219-224.
225 Utilization of Three-dimensional Reconstruction Computed Tomography as a Diagnostic Tool for Adult Unilateral Primary Cervical Spondylolysis: Report of Two Cases.
Sun Joo Rhee, Sung Il Ha, Myoung Soo Kim, Seung Jun Lee
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):225-229.
230 Granulocytic Sarcoma Presenting as Epidural Mass in Lumbosacral Spine: A Case Report.
Ji Woong Kwon, Ki Jeong Kim, Sang Ki Chung, Hyun Jib Kim
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):230-233.
234 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst Arising from Iliac Bone Mimicking Liposarcoma.
Jae Gyun Choe, Sang Hyuk Kim, Whan Eoh
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):234-236.
237 Spontaneous Cervical Spondylodiscitis and Epidural Abscess Caused by Klebsiella Pneumonia-single Stage Operation with Decompressive Corpectomy and Autologous Bone Fusion.
Min Seok Kim, Dae Chul Cho, Joo Kyoung Sung
Korean J Spine. 2008;5(3):237-240.
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